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      2017 GBF ASIA Show


      GBF ASIA focus on the display of battery (involved in the power and energy storage field) and related applications, including the battery materials and equipment. As a professional manufacturer of the lithium battery material, the sales team from BYN Chemical Co., Ltd attend this exhibition and have very nice communication with customers.

      This exhibition is commited to promoting the trading and technical communiaton of battery and stored energy industry, and the popularization and application of new material and new equipment. This exhibition is not only based on China, but also make a positive plan on the Asian and global market. The mainstream audience are from the industries like New Energy Automobile, Bus, Electrombile, Forklift, UAV, Electric Power, Communication, Landscape Energy Generation, Microgrid, Distributed Energy Resource, Customer Electronics, Medical Treatment, Tools, Instruments, Illumination, Tyre, Military Police Equipment, Rail Transit and etc.

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